From what i’ve seen 1080p is a cassette label from Vancouver featuring an out for Vaporwave and New Age fans to join together on some wild digital plains and create some of the most interested experimental melodic music that can be imagined up inside a computer and cassette player.


Infected DubPlate – Shaolin Era

Behind The Iron Curtain With UMEK / Episode 145

Zoe Phillips – Road Signs (Hugh Hardie Remix) [Out Now!]

Tom Hades – Backdoors / Steps [Alleanza]

When we speak about the new age of electronic music Tom Hades is one of the very few that is always included in a discussion of first-class techno. With an extremely steady schedule of well thought prime releases Tom Hades reaches to Alleanza with 2 tracks which could easily fit at the forefront of Tom’s catalogue while clearly revealing the dark colours that fit perfectly into the Alleanza inventory and continue to pave the outlandish course of this ever-expanding label.

Keith vaughn visual relaxation




Focusing mostly on oil and acrylics on canvas, Keith Vaughn paints out plain tropical windows that are framed in this early 90s design revival look.

via Keith Vaughn tumblr

Drumcomplex – Monarq Podcast Level 004

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Elektronic Force Podcast 175 with Coyu

Jay Lumen live at Tanzhaus West Frankfurt Germany (Colours Night) 12 april 2014